About the Contest
About the Contest

accumulates the "success stories" of women MSME owners & SME top managers. The Contest was initiated by Russia's Ministry of Economic Development, and the Committee on Women Entrepreneurship.

Development of OPORA RUSSIA
(non-governmental organization for small and medium business) in 2015.

• Held 2 times in APEC Women & The Economy Forum:

• June 2016, Lima, Peru;
• September 2017, Hue, Viet Nam.
• Aimed to support and promote women entrepreneurial practices in APEC economies.
• Followed by the "Women projects internationalization best practices" bilingual Catalogue.

and the key instruments they applied when saving and developing businesses in time of challenges and COVID-19 threats across APEC economies as well as to offer vital support to female entrepreneurs, encouraging more women to establish their own businesses.
«Best Social Impact»
Eugenia Lazareva
Founder of «Kids Rock Fest»
«Kids Rock Fest» is the new format of event for you and your children. Live music, Educational and fun games, Tasty and healthy food=happiness for every one.

Since 2014, the open-air Festival has been held annually in Moscow. Usually it is timed to coincide with Children's Day. The main idea of Kids Rock Fest is that rock music unites all generations of the family, and also creates an environment for joint creativity of children, dads, moms, grandparents.
«International Attractiveness»
Viet Nam
Natalia Larchenko
Founder LCC
«Matryoshka Rus» (Matryoshka)
Matryoshka is a Russian brand of conceptual gifts, jewelry and clothes. Matryoshka brand concept idea is based on one of the most popular and easiest to recognize symbols of Russia – famous doll in doll known as matryoshka. Form, color and functionality - the triangle on which Matryoshka is built and developed. Each Matryoshka product is also created according to the recent trends in fashion and design. Thus it has different target groups and is bought by foreign guests as a modern design present from Russia or by Russians as a fashion jewelry.
«The Fourth Industrial Revolution Project»
Papua New Guinea
Dr. Liudmila Shcherbakova
Founder of LLC «Velpharm»
Velpharm represents the latest technologies, a first – class production complex, qualified personnel, a balanced product portfolio, as well as a course to fulfill strategically important state tasks-I ncreasing the share of domestic production to 50% by 2030.
The GRAN PRIX winner
Ekaterina Postoeva
Founder and director LLC
Morojko is not just a good ice cream, it is also a rich taste of the most delicate milk dessert, which is prepared according to the recipe and technology of its creators.... The abundance of flavors of our soft ice cream and natural milkshakes will not leave indifferent even the most capricious sweet lovers. It is better to try it once than to read about it a hundred times
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Best growth potential

International attractiveness

The Best business sustainability in tackling pandemic

The 4-th industrial revolution project

The Best Family business support

The Best Top Manager in post-pandemic economy (separate competition)
Terms of participation
Terms of participation
Each member economy can nominate 2 candidates (finalists) (1 for the first 6 nominations and 1 for the 7-th nomination) among entrepreneurs and CEO of SME.

The host economy can nominate up to 4 candidates for the APEC BEST AWARD in total.

Candidates of the entrepreneurial part of the Contest (for the first 6 nominations) are females from currently running a micro-, small or medium enterprise (MSME to be defined according to relevant domestic legislation). However, to be eligible, the relevant MSMEs must have not less than 50% of business equity under candidate ownership for the first 6 nominations.
Be able to make video presentation of a potentially replicable business model.
Have operated in their local market for 2 to 7 years and have overcome the "break-even point".
Candidates participating in competition to win the nomination "The Best Top Manager in post-pandemic economy" are also females from APEC member economies currently leading (managing) a small or medium enterprise (with SME to be defined according to relevant domestic legislation). The presentations of such candidates should demonstrate the leading potential of the participant and key steps following the manager decisions in business development, social support and tackling the pandemic impact.
Recognize yourself? We invite you to take part in the national selection for the right to represent Russia at the APEC BEST AWARD final!
From the first person
From the first person
В 2015 году наша инициатива Комитета по развитию женского предпринимательства ОПОРА РОССИИ по созданию международного конкурса APEC BEST AWARD была поддержана Минэкономразвития России. Пятый год совместно с министерством мы организовываем и проводим международный конкурс в странах АТЭС, приглашая к участию российских женщин-предпринимателей. Мы наблюдаем, как с каждым годом количество заявок на участие в конкурсе многократно увеличивается, что подтверждает повышенный интерес и востребованность к проекту со стороны бизнес-сообщества. Безусловно это прямой результат нашей системной, каждодневной работы по популяризации женского предпринимательства и созданию условий, способствующих росту предпринимательской активности женщин в России.
Надия Черкасова,
Вице-президент, председатель
комитета по развитию женского предпринимательства ОПОРА РОССИИ

Participation in the APEC BEST AWARD competition will give you the opportunity to see how your business is evaluated at it on a global scale, how interesting it is to people with different mentalities, since representatives of 21 APEC economies work in the jury and in the audience. In addition, it will be a push to expand business abroad. I wish you success!
Irina Saltykova,
Head of the project APEC BEST AWARD
Участники о результатах
Участники о результатах
Participation in the APEC BEST AWARD competition will give you the opportunity to see how your business is evaluated at it on a global scale, how interesting it is to people with different mentalities, since representatives of 21 APEC economies work in the jury and in the audience. In addition, it will be a push to expand business abroad. I wish you success!

Rika Yajima,
from Japan, founder and CEO of AERU
Winner of GRAN PRIX in Y2017
The award had a big impact on us. It has strengthened our credibility as an enterprise and increased brand awareness. We were on the front page of a national newspaper that got a lot of coverage and a media run. This has opened the door for more features, media coverage, participation in speeches, etc.
Ms. Anya Lim
from Philippines, Y2016
Everything with my business is going excellent. Now I am in the short list of women in Compliance Awards, and also I am going to be speaker among the women in Compliance Conference. Winning in the category of international attractiveness has encouraged me to be world class and expand my business to others countries..
Ms. Susanna Sierra
from Chile
I'm very happy to announce you that after attending APEC BEST AWARD we have received more inquires from many overseas companies, and now our products are available on Chinese online shopping site which is our first experience of overseas expansion. CNN contacted us and we were interviewed, its news was broadcasted over the region.
Ms. Yuka Mitsuhata
from Japan