Natalia Larchenko
Founder of LLC "Matryoshka Rus" (Matryoshka)
Cувениры и подарки из России, индустрия дизайна и моды
Key customers
  • People who needs special gifts from Russia (Foreigners and Russian)
  • People loving modern design things
Revenue streams
  • Online Matryoshka store – 35%
  • Retail Matryoshka store – 40%
  • Partner retail stores – 25%
Project dynamic
  • 1 small shop in Sankt-Petersburg
  • Start of Russian language website
  • Annual revenue increase more than twice
  • 7 shops in Sankt-Petersburg
Further development
  • Increasing number of shops
  • Expansion to the new markets, including international airports
  • Focus on cooperation with big-event organizers

Tell us about your participation in the contest APEC BEST AWARD and about the results.
– September 2017 my project Matryoshka was chosen for presentation on behalf of Russian Federation on the APEC BEST AWARD. It held in Hue, Viet Nam in the frame of Forum «Women & Economy». I won in the nomination «International Attractiveness».Awards and participation in this contest are very important for any entrepreneurs. This raises the status of the business project, increases recognition and expands your audience. This is especially valuable for young projects that are developing at their own expense.
Natalia, it's been 3 years since the contest. Evaluate the business results of your company for this time and what was the impact of the competition?
– For the time after the competition the annual turnover has more than doubled, we launched retail directions (our own stores in St. Petersburg), transferred production from Italy to Russia (due to which we reduced the cost of production, and as a result, the retail price by up to 30%).

The status of the winner of the international competition category, which the project received, was an impetus for the development of the business direction-attracting B2B clients and establishing business contacts - contractors for the development of their own business. I gained trust in a part of the business environment where I had not even had the opportunity to present a project before.

In addition, during the competition, one of the jury members noted that "this project is not only about business, but also about the culture of Russia and a modern view of it." Such an assessment was not only pleasant, but also useful in the subsequent positioning of the project for various target groups.

Natalia, what would you wish to women entrepreneurs today, having all the accumulated experience?
– Today I highly recommend entrepreneurs with fresh ideas to participate in such competitions, as it gives a huge experience, opens up great opportunities, introduces interesting and useful contacts.